ARTICLE BY: Corey Morris

You’ve had the same site for years. Finally, you get the funding for a new one. The team’s been working together for weeks and you’re finally ready to re-launch. Where do you start?

The website relaunch process is a critical time for SEO. It involves planning, transition, and post-launch phases of activities to ensure that previously earned relevancy and authority are transferred from the old site to the new. Also to make sure there are no hidden issues that tank rankings and traffic.
The three phases will take a varying level of resources and time depending on the size of the site, as well as the goals of the site. A 50-page informational site will be much easier than a 50,000-page e-commerce website in many regards. Note that I’m assuming the new site is mobile-friendly and the UX team confirms it passes Google’s testing tools–a given in 2017.

Phase 1: Planning

This phase is crucial to project success. Speaking from experience, the goal is for the re-launch to be a well-planned process absent of surprises.

Phase 2: Transition

The second phase of SEO for a relaunch.

Phase Three: Post-Launch

With the launch phase complete, it’s time audit and test the site.