Simple answer, Yes! Everything is digital today and all consumers have some kind of social connection/account online. If you want your business to get people in the door or calling your phone you have to also be online and on social media.

The three most important reason why you should invest in social media marketing are listed below.

  1. Boost Your Online Presence: Most companies have a website, invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and/or digital ads. ¬†However your company can’t easily be found via a basic website, SEO, and/or digital ads because social media affects those rankings/view-ability. Search Engines now factor in social media in discovery results so having these social accounts and keeping them updated gets your company visibility online.

  2. Control Your Brand: Through social media marketing you get to control your brand and protect your reputation. You are putting out there to your audience what your company is and why it is good, instead of potential customers searching online for other companies or peoples outside views and thoughts. Your online reputation can truly make or break a business.
  3. Build and Engage Your Clientele: With technology improving the information highway and providing this information effortlessly and quickly most people now look to social media for everything; news, facts, opinions, entertainment, shopping, etc.. You need to utilize these social media tools to capture your clients and keep them engaged, so you can get and build repeat business. You are basically building an online hangout for your clients that they can like, follow, and engage with your company.

Soon no business will be able to survive without being online and continuously engaging customers. You can view an online info-graphic below that shows how many potential clients are on different social media channels waiting for you to capture their attention!

When you are ready to capture all the potential clients below please contact to setup and manage your social media!