Social Media is a great tool for businesses of all sizes but knowing which social network to join is crucial. Not every network will benefit your business and will not gain you customers. Therefore knowing which network to join in order to gain customers is important. has put together a list of Social Networks and the benefits they could have for your business!

The following social networks all businesses should be on:

  1. Facebook: Facebook has 1.19 BILLION USERS! It is also a great platform to gather leads through your business page likes. You can integrate a newsletter sign up and giveaways to increase leads too! Facebook has one of the best advertising platform for business pages that will allow you to target a customer base and grow leads. It is the best platform to build your brand loyalty and to communicate with customers!
  2. Twitter: It is an easy platform to increase brand awareness and keep up with the latest trends for your business. Twitter is a great tool to drive traffic to your website and keep track of your brand reputation by searching what other are saying about your company. This platform is another great tool for communicating with customers too!
  3. Google +: Everyone questions if Google + is still relevant and the answer is YES. Google has made some changes to the platform like adding Collections and Groups to pages to build work portfolios and communities. Along with those features you still have Google + most remediable tool the Hangouts, which allow you to start and broadcast group video chats that can be used for in-house business, client meetings, and or live webinar/giveaways/parties with all customers. The main reason why creates a Google + page for all clients is for the Website Traffic & Search PresenceGoogle integrates Google+ content into it’s search results pages and when you post on Google + it will link back to your website increasing traffic!
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great tool to differentiate yourself form your competitors. It allows you to share your content with professional and to post about company updates. You can also check on your competition with LinkedIn and hire new employees through LinkedIn. Having a business profile on LinkedIn also improves your rankings in search engines!

The remaining social networks all have different benefits and will work better for certain types of businesses:

  1. Instagram: If you have product you want to show off then you need to be on Instagram! This is a business tool that will allow you to post your porduct to millions of ENGAGED users. Instagram is known for having very engaged users so your business might already have mentions on the network. This is also a good tool for advertising and building your brand!
  2. Pinterest: If you are trying to target women then this is the social network you want your business on! Pinterest is known for having a majority of active female users. You can use Pinterest tools on your website too that will allow anyone on your site to pin an image to their Pinterest that will have a link back to your website so in increase website traffic!
  3. SnapChat: Is a more personal tool that allows you to reach a younger audience, have one on one contact with customers, and can provide a behind the scenes look at your business and/or product. Remember SnapChat is demanding and requires a lot of in-house work, so I would recommend this to companies in the event business from party planners to DJs.
  4. YouTube: YouTube allows your business to reach customers in a video platform which is popular for many consumers today. It is virtual marketing with high traffic results. You can be a YouTube pro and post weekly videos on your business and products or you can be a YouTube basic with a couple of videos that go over your business/product is. Either way having video for you business is good form of communicating your brand!
  5. Tumblr: It is another great social network that will provide you a way to promote your brand and have another online listing that links back to your website. Tumblr provides an SEO boost and is optimised for Mobile. The most important thing about Tumblr is it is Free and you get a custom domain!

Make sure you read through the benefits to get your business on the right social networks. Remember to take a minute to evaluate all new and upcoming social networks before you sign your business up. Not all social networks will benefit your business and trying to optimize your presence on all or a specific one that might not be right for your company will waste your time. Knowing the right social networks to sign up for and managing them is time consuming and can get confusing, luckily is here to take this off your plate at the best rates in Southwest Florida!

Social TinaMaire is a full service social media management and marketing firm. They support small business throughout Southwest Florida, including Fort Myers, Naples, Alva, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, and Estero. Contact Social TinaMarie today to get your business’s online presence optimized to grow your customer base!