Blogging can be difficult for some and it goes without saying that the vast majority of blogs are NOT “permanent fixtures” on the internet. However, with my help, you could have a website with a solid reputation for putting out the most helpful & reliable content for those who are active in the industry. Just don’t Let Blogging Scare You!

These are the five key ingredients for a successful blog that will capture online attention and gain website traffic:

  1. Superior Content – This can mean many things and include all of the following:
    • Advice that can be Used
    • Clear Directive
    • Well-Written, No Grammar Issues, and Easy to Read
    • Multimedia (images, video, etc.)
    • Free Resources
    • Entertaining
  2. Consistent Updates – A decent blog needs to distribute new, unique articles all the time. I’m more worried about quality over quantity, however when in doubt – a great blog ought to be refreshed with new posts in any event once every other week. Industry can also drastically affect this demand.
  3. Reader Hub – You want to keep your blog topics centered around what the reader wants and not on always pushing something to sell. This is important because you do not want your reader to feel they are always being forced to read a sales pitch.
  4. Industry Specific – Focus on your industry to maintain consistency your reader will appreciate. If you stay on subject and continue to post news and information about it you will come off as an industry expert!
  5. Good Design – What does design have to do with a blog. Well if you have a well-designed blog page you can get a reader to click on other articles and read more increasing their duration on your website. You can also navigate them to other pages on your website where you want them to see more about your company.

Don’t Let Blogging Scare You, but if this blogging game is too scary for you then just reach out to us! Here at, we are experts in blog marketing to improve SEO and gain then maintain Blog readers on your website! You can request more on our services here!