Black Friday is huge so how do small businesses compete with big retail? They need to get a marketing strategy in place ahead of time to make some big sales! Here are the Top 5 Black Friday Marketing Tips  for small businesses:

  1. Get your Black Friday Email Campaign Ready: Use great graphics to get a viewers attention, Have your best deals clearly displayed, and add a countdown to create a sense of urgency!
  2. Create a Targeted Social Media Campaign: Have eye-catching graphics that state the deals you will have on Black Friday and post them leading up to the big day on various social media accounts to make sure you are capturing your entire audience. Make sure to use industry keywords and hashtags in your post to get the right exposure. Then boost those posts to gain a new audience as well! Make sure to post throughout the day of Black Friday with new deals every hour to keep the traffic coming to your store!
  3. Create Bait: You can give small gifts, such as a coupon for a store discount, or a small throw away item with the purchase of another item to improve the value of the buy. Send the coupons via email and have customers carry a printed copy of the coupon. This will not only get customers in the door but increase your email marketing list.
  4. Offer a Break: Shopping on Black Friday is exhausting. Offer free cookies, hot chocolate, and a place for shoppers to sit down and rest their feet (perhaps right next to your attractive deals display).
  5. Open later and Stay Open Late: The big box stores open early and everyone rushes there to get the crazy limited items that sell out quickly.If you open later, you may attract more customers who don’t expect you to give away your merchandise. Also staying open later can allow the late customers a chance to get their shopping done too!

I hope these Top 5 Black Friday Marketing Tips help your small business through this shopping season and Black Friday! If you need social media management for your small business then please contact us today! It’s not too late to get your Balck Friday Campaign setup!