Do you want to get more clicks through to your website from Twitter?

Do you want to increase your Twitter followers?

Many brands spend a lot of time and energy on Twitter but don’t see the results they want.

Their follower numbers stay the same or their followers aren’t targeted — so only a few click on their links.

This doesn’t mean that Twitter is a waste of your time.

With an emphasis on communication you can turn your Twitter account into a lead-generating powerhouse. You can get more and more potential customers to follow your business profile!

In this post, I’ll explain via the sharable infographic ways to use Twitter to grow your business, traffic and sales.

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The key is communication! Search for local micro-influencers and reach out to them! Engage them with what they are tweeting about and introduce your business to them. Lastly, follow their followers as they will be your clientele! Always remember to communicate with INDIVIDUALS on twitter and you will see a growth in followers and business!
This can be time-consuming so if you want to just concentrate on your businesses’ day in and outs let a professional run your companies social media for you! Social TinaMarie has the best rates in your region! Check out our social media management plans here!